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Pluton Space Island

Výrobce Freor
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The move away from higher GWP refrigerants is gathering pace, and in the light of F-gas phase down, propane is a reliable and accessible natural alternative to F-gas refrigerants.


FREOR has developed a special refrigerated autonomous semi-vertical PLUTON SPACE ISLAND, an innovative and “naturally green” solution, using propane R290 as a coolant (international patent pending).

Functionality at Its Best

This plug-in island features versatility of modular combinations, excellent cooling performance and easy installation in store without the need to close it down. With its modern ergonomic design and elegant forms, it also offers a great presentation of products in any store.
Specifically chosen location of the refrigeration cycle components improves the utilization of space for the merchandise display. At the same time, elegant design sliding frameless doors provide an outstandingly clear view of the products. Through innovative refrigeration solution and the use of natural refrigerant, the island ensures sustainability and improved energy efficiency.


  • Special bottom shape provides quick drainage of fluids down the drain
  • Dynamic cooling
  • Wide choice of colours for the exterior and interior (RAL pallet)
  • Polyurethane thermal insulation CFC free
  • Headcases available
  • Energy saving electronically commutated fans
  • Alternative depths
  • Organic glass bumper


  • Shelf brackets
  • Glass fence for shelf
  • Wire fence for shelf
  • Fence for bottom
  • Metal shelf divider
  • Wire divider for bottom deck
  • Transparent divider for bottom deck
  • Wire bottom deck sliding
  • Hook, stainless steel
  • Bar for hooks
  • Scanner pricing rail


  • Defrost heater
  • Shelf lighting
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Night blinds
  • Front glass packet